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RapidSMS: Saving a life in 160 characters – BBC – Future – Technology

Last month FrontlineSMS, the free open-source software that enables people in the developing world without Internet or TV access to monitor elections, get rural health care, broadcast news, track endangered animals, combat domestic violence or organize protests, was featured on MOBILE SOCIAL WORK. In this BBC post by Clark Boyd another system to “save a life in 160 characters” is described: RapidSMS. Read in his article how SMS can be used for a better treatment of HIV in Malawi or other examples of datat trasmission and collection.

Mobile phones and simple text messages are being used to tackle everything from food shortages to childhood HIV across Africa.

Think of what text messages are used for and your mind might turn to organising nights out, letting someone know you will be late or perhaps taunting your friend that their team has lost a game. But in Malawi, these 140 character messages are also used for something far more compelling: saving lives.

Here is the whole post: BBC – Future – Technology – RapidSMS: Saving a life in 160 characters.


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Lutz Siemer

Lutz Siemer

Education, Research & Development in Social Work & IT After working as an alternative practitioner and psychotherapist in private practice for nearly ten years I stepped over to higher education in 2005. At Saxion University of Applied Sciences I lecture and do research and development in the area of Social Work, Psychology and IT. Currently I'm focussing on merging mobile technology and social work.

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