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Cognitive Behavior Therapy App – MoodKit [VIDEO] [INFOGRAPHIC]

MoodKit is an iPhone app that helps people to cope with depression or anxiety. It is developed by Thriveport which main team includes clinical psychologists Dr. Edrick Dorian and Dr. Drew Erhardt. MoodKit offers four tools:

MoodKit Activities
The MoodKit Activities tool provides a wide variety of suggestions for specific steps you can take to improve your mood. The activities, along with their accompanying examples and tips, provide you with specific ways to implement psychological principles and techniques known to reduce negative feelings and enhance well-being.

Thought Checker

Thought Checker helps you to manage negative feelings related to a specific situation by identifying and modifying the thoughts that contribute to those feelings. Through repeated use, it will help you learn to change your feelings (or change the intensity of your feelings) by changing how you think.

MoodKitMood Tracker

Mood Tracker allows you to make, save, and chart daily ratings of your mood. Through its integration with the Journal tool, it also enables you to record and save any notes that you would like to attach to your mood ratings. Now supports multiple mood ratings per day and enhanced charting that displays individual ratings, daily averages, & daily ranges!


The MoodKit Journal allows you to create, save, and export notes about mood-related activities and relevant observations in everyday life. The Journal comes with a variety of pre-formatted templates that help you to journal in specific ways known to help improve mood, and the option of creating your own templates. Voice entry support on Siri-enabled devices!

Dr. Tali Shenfield, Clinical Director of Richmond Hill Psychology Center, reviewed the app at Health Works Collective concluding:

While there have not yet been many studies determining the efficacy of the MoodKit app, there is no reason why it should not be at least as efficacious as traditional CBT homework assignments, especially when paired with traditional therapy. It is based on the tenets of CBT, which has been found to be an effective therapeutic approach, but it has the benefit of being portable. One of the downsides to traditional therapy is that, in the moment when someone is thinking a distorted or upsetting thought, it is not possible to always have a therapist or even a worksheet with them. There are times when it is not appropriate to journal about one’s mental health, but it is almost always socially acceptable to use your smartphone. As one user of this app noted, “As far as anyone else knows, I’m just another guy texting or checking email, not someone completing a therapy assignment”.

Here are two video about MoodKit. The first one is the promo video, the second one illustrates how the collection of self-improvement data can also be used to enhance business performance

Among the resources for MoodKit there is also this handy infographic on „7 ways to enhance professional therapy with MoodKit!

MoodKit infographic2.001


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