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How Young People Use Mobiles – Top 7 Statistics from The Mobile Youth Report

Reblogged from: The Mobile Youth Report

Top 7 Statistics from The Mobile Youth Report

courtesy Ed Yourdon via Creative Commons

courtesy Ed Yourdon via Creative Commons

The way millennials use smartphones is changing. Latest trends reveal the culture of mobile behavior of today’s youth:

  • 81% of youth under 25 sleep with their phone next to them on the bed.
  • 74% reach for their smartphones immediately after waking up.

If millennials aren’t connected, they’re connecting with friends, even if it’s using smartphones in the bathroom:

  • 97% of teens & 91% of 20 year olds regularly use smartphones in the bathroom to check messages.

The trend in distracted driving (i.e. texting and driving) shows the cultural motivation to connect even if it means putting their lives at risk:

  • 95% teens text while driving when alone compared to 32% who text when a friend is in the car.

These extremes in mobile behavior are often labelled as forms of technology addiction. As the mobile behavior of Millennials and Gen-Y becomes more advanced, helicopter parents become more active. Parental control of young smartphone and social media users is now a reality:

  • 70% of parents monitor their child’s online activity while on Facebook and other social media sites.
  • 46% of parents have password access to their children’s accounts.

Research shows that Gen Y and millennials aren’t addicted to smartphones, but addicted to what smartphones do for them. Youth aren’t Digital Natives growing up online. Their online behavior is meaningless if it doesn’t lead to face-to-face communication. The social motivations are what happens in the real not virtual world.

  • 67% of people prefer face-to-face communication ahead of voice calls, texting and social media.

Face to face recommendations have the biggest influence on young people’s buying behavior. Youth trust their friends and family over traditional and social media advertising when making purchase decisions.

via The Mobile Youth Report.

4 comments on “How Young People Use Mobiles – Top 7 Statistics from The Mobile Youth Report

  1. Sonia Livingstone
    July 31, 2013

    What country are these teens and parents in? India or Portugal, Nigeria or the US? How can we understand the findings if you don’t tell us?

    • Lutz Siemer
      August 1, 2013

      Good point, Sonia. Unfortunately I could “t find further information. Because of this intransparancy of data quality I unchecked the category “Science”. Thank you.

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